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Direction and editing by Ian McDonald
Camera by James Marcus Tucker and Ian McDonald
Produced by Geetha J. for Interventions

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Justin Fashanu, the only openly gay professional footballer, committed suicide in 1998. A decade after his suicide, Justin – a troubling figure to the gay community, an embarrassing figure to the black community, a ridiculed figure in the soccer community – is a man best forgotten. But seemingly out of the blue, on May 2nd 2008, ten years after Justin’s death, a campaign is launched: the Justin Campaign. Justin is the story of this campaign. The documentary is interspersed with the moving memories of Justin from people who knew him best: his family, friends, fans and the coach who discovered him. Their accounts, in some cases being told on camera for the first time, create a poignant portrait of Justin in all his brilliance and beauty as well as his insecurities and indiscretions.


June 2014: Campaigning for Change Conference, Newcastle University, UK
May 2014: Canadian Sport Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
September 2013: Pride in Sport, Birmingham, UK
February 2013: University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.
November 2012: Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK.
July 2012: ISSA World Congress of Sociology of Sport, Glasgow, UK.
June 2012: Frameline: International LGBT Film Festival, San Francisco, USA
June 2012: QueerSport.Lab. Zagreb, Croatia.
March 2012: Krasnogorski: International Festival of Sport Movies, Moscow, Russia (Nominated for Best International Film)
March 2012: Conte[s/x]ting Sport: Conference for More Inclusive, Diverse and Sustainable Sport, Split, Croatia
December 2011: Brighton Cine-city Film Festival, Brighton, UK.
August 2011: American Sociological Association, Las Vegas, USA.
July 2011: Understanding the Social World Conference, University of Huddersfield, UK.