Films by Ian McDonald

Algorithms India/2012/96mins/Hindi, Tamil and Oriya with English subtitles
In India, a group of blind boys dream of becoming Chess Masters, driven by a man with a vision.

Justin UK/2011/30mins
A man best forgotten is remembered as a campaign to combat homophobia in football is launched.

Melancholic Constellations: The Art of William Kentridge UK/2010/55mins
Melancholic Constellations explores the art of William Kentridge, the internationally acclaimed artist from South Africa.

Willem Boshoff: Reflections of a South African Artist UK/2010/25mins
Acclaimed artist Willem Boshoff muses upon a life ‘at odds’ with himself, with his own people, and with Apartheid.

Out of Our Hands India/2009/9mins/Tamil with English subtitles
A quiet summer’s day. Four youths play chess. Hands and fingers glide over the board.

Shame UK/2009/5mins/HDV/English
Jason journeys from Brighton to London to the spot where Justin Fashanu, the first and only openly gay footballer, committed suicide.

Brighton Bandits UK/2007/40mins/DV/English
A season in the life of a gay football team that debunks the myth that gay men don’t play football.

Inside the Kalari India-UK/2007/20mins/Malayalam with English subtitles
A lyrical and atmospheric portrayal of kalarippayattu filmed in a traditional kalari located in South India.

Docu-Promos by Ian McDonald

10-11 Pavilion Parade (2011/15mins)
Short film of life on the Humanities Programme at the University of Brighton

History-Art-Design (2013/10mins)
Short film of life on the History of Art and Design Programme at the University of Brighton

Other films

As Cinematographer and Editor
Seescapes Directed by Geetha J. India | 2014 | HDV | 10 mins | English subtitles
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As Editor
Akam/Inside Directed by Geetha J. India | 2007 | DV | 12 mins | Malayalam – English
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A Short Film About Nostalgia Directed by Geetha J. India | 2006 | DV | 17 mins | Malayalam – English
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As Executive Producer
Woman with a Video Camera Directed by Geetha J. India / 2005 / DV / 52min / Music
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