Inside the Kalari

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India-UK/2007/20mins/Malayalam with English subtitles
Direction, camera and editing by Ian McDonald
Produced by Geetha J for Akampuram
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Inside the Kalari is a lyrical and atmospheric portrayal of kalarippayattu filmed in a traditional kalari located in South India. Set against Keralite music and beats, it focuses on the aestheticised movements of the practitioner’s bodies as they progress through the various levels of training and practice, to capture the aura and essence of kalarippayattu through the day-to-day-ness of its existence.


May 2012: Indian Arts Festival, Bordeaux, France
March 2012: International Festival of Sport Movies, Moscow, Russia
February 2011: Katha Centre for Film Studies, Mumbai, India
April 2010: Japanese Society of Sports Anthropology seminar, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
January 2010: Theorizing Body National Seminar, University of Calicut, India
October 2008: Moscow International Visual Anthropology Film Festival, Russia (Received special mention in debut film-makers competition)
May 2008: Canadian Sports Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
February 2008: International Short and Independent Film Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh
November 2007: World Performing Arts Festival, Lahore, Pakistan
November 2007: Indo-American Film Festival, New York, USA
October 2007: Film SouthAsia07 (competitive section), Kathmandu, Nepal
September 2007: International Festival of Ecology, Tourism & Sport Films, Belgrade, Serbia
July 2007: Parnu International Documentary and Anthropology Festival, Estonia
June 2007: Moves07: Movement on Screen Film Festival, Manchester, UK
March 2007: Pune International Film Festival, India